Tuesday, November 2, 2010

7) I'm Your Nasty Shadow

You're at the end of your rope, without even enough left to
Tie yourself a noose,
Try as you may, though at the end of your day,
You're still wondering, "¿What's the use?"
You know you're still young yet,
You're contract aint signed, but
Reason aint easin' your
Worryin' mind,
So stare hard into the mirror,
In here you will find,
That I'm never skulking
All that far behind, for

I'm your nasty shadow,
I'm the hand that moves your hand in
Malignant* intent, I'm the
Flint to your spark, uh
Flash in the dark, your
Casual conversations always
Stop where I start, I'm the
Edge on your knife, I'm the
Stained side uh life, 'said
I'm your nasty shadow.

I'm the point where your love-glance
Turns into a leer, your
Laugh to uh cackle, your
Smile to a sneer, I'm the
Filigree choir to your
Unheard cries, I'm the
Thing that you love about
The things you despise, so
Just take that step forward, 'n' let
Me be your eyes, for

I'm your nasty shadow.

©2008, 2010 Andy Klosenski

This title also appears on ¡The Jugband Cannibala Take a Bride! [2008; re-release, with extra material, still pending]

[ http://honkygabacho.bandcamp.com/album/the-jugband-cannibala-take-a-bride ]

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